Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What Creativity Means To Us

As any artist knows, creativity is crucial. But how often do you actually think about it?

What is Creativity?
Simply put, it is the act of creating something original and new. This was a popular answer, but definitely not the only one. Many of us see creativity as a form of self-expression while others see creativity as something synonymous to imagination. One student aptly stated, "creativity is breaking the laws of (life), by bringing your dreams and nightmares into reality and solving problems by asking 'Why not?'"It's a commodity (heartless, I know) in which the commercial value is only surpassed by its intrinsic one.

What tips would you share that you use to improve your Creativity?
We've all felt it at some point– the dreaded feeling of frustration and helplessness. But there are many solutions; perhaps one may just work for you. One student suggested "taking a road trip in your mind and allowing the most random things to pop up". Don't be too eager to stay stuck in your head though! The importance of learning and exploring the world is a common sentiment shared among us. After all, the more things you know, the more ideas you can come up with. Listening to music is another way to get the creative juices going. In fact, any kind of background noise is shown to increase productivity. And many of you cannot stress the importance of practicing on a consistent basis.

What hurts your Creativity?
A fellow artist warned that "a lack of new experiences or stimulants starves the mind of creativity." Another claimed that not getting any feedback hurt her creativity. An outside opinion should always be welcomed (if not considered). Ultimately, it seems that the biggest danger an artist faces is... self-doubt. An extremely inspiring student reminded me that "Failure is a part of the creative process... In life, failure is taught as a bad thing. In the art world, that's how you begin."

Pretty powerful stuff.

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