Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Favorite Artist

Neal Adams

I remember looking at some of Neal Adams artworks. His illustration inspired me to look at the Batman comic book when I was young. I have collection of some of his old comic books that he illustrated. His art style is direct that shows realism and tension according to what strip he is working on. I would recommend Neal Adams if you are into comic book arts.

Born on June 15, 1941, Neal Adams an American comic book and commercial artist is well known for helping create the definitive of DC comics character imagery; comic character such as Batman, Superman and green arrow.

Nael Adams tries to freelance for DC comic at start but he was rejected. Adam later did Archie comics; he was a penciler and a background work on the Bat Materison strip. Later on would take on advertising, storyboarding, comic strip job and animation. He was inspired by Bob Peak, Bernie Fuchs and Al Parker. Later he would decide to go for DC a second time. Nael Adams shows the ability to portray Superman and batman. He later soon move on to working on Batman stories. His Batman works inspired many illustrator of that character today.

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